Treguard, hearing of the shenanigans going on it the dungeon, what with all the explorers and all, raises an eyebrow to what is occurring!!HugoPosterSOLOweb

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Treguard appears to the Explorers

With a strenuous effort Treguard manifests himself to the Dungeon explorers to warn of grave danger. Elemental forces are infiltrating the Catacombs setting new traps and conundrums to defy any who dare to seek the path to Knighthood.Storyboard2a

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Explorers on a Break

The dungeon explorers are taking a break, so I thought that I would turn my hand to something completely different.KW-BLOGweb

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I have placed the two posters from the last post on my Photobox gallery. You can get prints from £2.80 for A4 to £8 for A2. You can link form here if you like. I will also be preparing a calendar with the images on a month to view, so there will be 12 plus the cover. I can update the calendar to start from any month so I will probably do a regular update through the year. I will add each room image as an individual print too, A3 and A4 so the prices should be very reasonable.


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The Archaeologist’s Report in pictures.

Composites2Maybe they would work as posters or even a calendar! I have put them on my web site for anyone interested in obtaining fine quality Giclée prints. I will get around to getting low cost photographic prints on Photobox soon. Thanks for all the ‘likes’ and around 65,000 views so far!



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Just in from the Expedition!

Just in from the Expedition! ANTEroom3WEBTreguard’s Chamber has been unearthed. The explorer’s are continuing ‘in character’. It keeps their spirits up! There are candles that have been lit…but by whom? They are obviously not alone in the Labyrinth!..

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Susan Rowe web site for your enjoyment!

Thanks for all the likes on this page, that are all very cheering. If you like my work, you will be stunned with the outstanding and delicate water colour work by Susan Rowe, my extremely talented wife! I have just posted a lot of it on her new web site, Please check it out!

DJR Retro Artworks's photo.
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Suspicious character spies on the Knightmare Castle!


No News form the explorers for a while now. Let’s hope for more insights very soon. In the meantime a suspicious character has been spotted spying on the the old Knightmare castle. What does he have planned? What is in store?Robberscape3FLAT

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Explorers uncover the lost Helmet of Justice!

After unearthing the Helmet of Justice, our intrepid team of archaeologists let their hair down on a Friday and indulge in a bit of Cosplay fun in the abandoned Key puzzle room.


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Merlin’s Chamber Ransacked!

Excited explorers have worked their way forward to the legendary Merlin’s Room. Signs of plundering are everywhere and many artifacts are missing. Books of spells have been torn apart and pages removed. They contained many dangerous secrets. Who has them now? Are the raiders still in the labyrinth? The archaeologists have agreed to proceed with extreme caution!


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