Suspicious character spies on the Knightmare Castle!


No News form the explorers for a while now. Let’s hope for more insights very soon. In the meantime a suspicious character has been spotted spying on the the old Knightmare castle. What does he have planned? What is in store?Robberscape3FLAT

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Explorers uncover the lost Helmet of Justice!

After unearthing the Helmet of Justice, our intrepid team of archaeologists let their hair down on a Friday and indulge in a bit of Cosplay fun in the abandoned Key puzzle room.


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Merlin’s Chamber Ransacked!

Excited explorers have worked their way forward to the legendary Merlin’s Room. Signs of plundering are everywhere and many artifacts are missing. Books of spells have been torn apart and pages removed. They contained many dangerous secrets. Who has them now? Are the raiders still in the labyrinth? The archaeologists have agreed to proceed with extreme caution!


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The explorers delve deeper into the dungeon.

The explorers delve deeper into the dungeon.
The team take to widescreen to record the historic discoveries they are making. A giant’s skull is revealed…but hiding what?


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The Great Corridor of the Catacombs!

The latest bulletin from our intrepid dungeon explorers has unearthed the Great Corridor of the Catacombs! Worryingly, there seems to have been regular footfall between the doors and paths have been cleared through the rubble from the fallen ceiling! Goblins?? It would seem that they would go to extreme lengths to get another series!corridorFLAT3minusDARKweb

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Knightmare Dungeon exploration reveals almost undamaged Stained Glass window

The Knightmare Dungeon Expedition has made an encouraging discovery! In a dingy neglected room, the team of explorers have uncovered a virtually intact stained glass window! Initial assessments conclude that it would take only a small amount of effort to restore it to its former glory, but it will require a collective effort!


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Knightmare Archaeological expedition prints now available!

Recently uncovered Knightmare dungeon rooms are now available as fine art Giclee prints, hand printed to order on 300gsm cotton rag stock with a 10 pigment dye printer which delivers astounding quality prints.

Go to:


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