The explorers delve deeper into the dungeon.

The explorers delve deeper into the dungeon.
The team take to widescreen to record the historic discoveries they are making. A giant’s skull is revealed…but hiding what?


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The Great Corridor of the Catacombs!

The latest bulletin from our intrepid dungeon explorers has unearthed the Great Corridor of the Catacombs! Worryingly, there seems to have been regular footfall between the doors and paths have been cleared through the rubble from the fallen ceiling! Goblins?? It would seem that they would go to extreme lengths to get another series!corridorFLAT3minusDARKweb

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Knightmare Dungeon exploration reveals almost undamaged Stained Glass window

The Knightmare Dungeon Expedition has made an encouraging discovery! In a dingy neglected room, the team of explorers have uncovered a virtually intact stained glass window! Initial assessments conclude that it would take only a small amount of effort to restore it to its former glory, but it will require a collective effort!


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Knightmare Archaeological expedition prints now available!

Recently uncovered Knightmare dungeon rooms are now available as fine art Giclee prints, hand printed to order on 300gsm cotton rag stock with a 10 pigment dye printer which delivers astounding quality prints.

Go to:


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Knightmare dungeon expedition makes a grim discovery!

Encouraged by the eager enthusiasm of Knightmareologists, the archaeological team uncovered the entrance to the fabled ante-room, before delving more deeply to a location, deep within the labyrinths, where the site of a devastating explosion has been uncovered.

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Archaeologists discover long lost Knightmare Dungeon!

The Catacombs of legend have long languished unseen until now! In an exciting breakthrough, the dungeons have been penetrated for the first time in ages. Only two rooms have been opened for now, but it is clear from the evidence that a major clear up is required to bring them back to life!
There are so many rooms to examine on the site and some are not safe, but the team are anxious to hear which, if any, should be explored next!!

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NEW! Knightmare images.

Castle Mortal2

Here are a couple of images put together to fulfill the pledges made for the Indiegogo book campaign.
I’d like to revisit some of the rooms and ‘age’ them several hundred years as if they had been forgotten in time…Watch this space!

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Another Giclée Print

This is another copy of Speedball ordered directly from my website using the Paypal button next to the image.

I continue to be astounded by the quality that the Canon Pro 10 printer puts out. This one is at A3 and the reduction in size from the original seems to tighten up and sharpen the detail really well. The inks are pigment dyes and the paper is 300gsm cotton rag which is pH neutral. This will give the print exceptionally long life.


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David Rowe’s Art of Knightmare printed

These are pages from the Art of Knightmare book.

The limited edition print run is promised for Tuesday of next week. This is the third time that it has been printed. It is an edition, embossed with a franking tool , limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered. These will be sent out to the people who contributed to the Indiegogo fundraiser at that level.

The pages in the first two batches were trimmed excessively and the printers agreed to make good. The print quality on these books is fine and none of the pages or images is compromised. It is just the borders that are too narrow. I am able to offer these for sale on a first come, first served basis. The asking price is £15 including post and packing so there is a chance to grab a bargain. If anyone would like one, just email me for my Paypal address and I will send one out straight away.

All the Best,



PrintRUN6.inddPrintRUN6.indd   PrintRUN6.inddPrintRUN6.inddPrintRUN6.indd

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Satellite Game article and new Web site Pics

I came across this article in my files. It followed the Knightmare series and I discovered it on the same day that I uploaded some more images onto the web site:

The illustrations were used throughout the show, compositing space-suited contestants into the scenes. It was aired on BSB before the merger with Sky, so nobody saw it. Ah Well!



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